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Reader chip of the new second generation ID card

MTR_SAM two generation ID card special card reader chip

1 Description

MTR_SAM is a conforming to ISO/IEC14443 standard non-contact card reading chip, built-in independent receiving amplifier

And digital demodulation circuit, clock circuit, reset circuit. Support ISO/IEC14443 Type B protocol, built in two children

ID card security module interface. No single chip without programming of single chip to achieve the two generation ID card reader program.

2.characteristics :

- built in the two generation ID card security module of SAM interface

- the implementation of the two generation ID read the contents of the scheme of single chip microcontroller, no need, no programming required

- according to the standard of ISO/IEC 14443, ISO/IEC 14443 support baud rate 106kbps

With low power mode

- built in transceiver timer

- built in CRC computing unit

- built in receiving and amplifying circuit, less periphery components, stable work, reliable performance

External clock 13.56MHz, can use crystal

3.3V/5V compatibility

QFN24 package, small occupied area, high performance price ratio

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