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NXP SmartMX IC is botained MasterCard® and PayPass™ certification

In December 3, 2008, NXP semiconductors (NXP Semiconductors, created by Philips independent semiconductor company) announced today that its non contact bank chip -- SmartMX P5CD012 is applied to the Austria card company, bank card (half the size of the antenna), the transaction speed of the chip has the industry benchmark of 385 MS, and obtained the MasterCard R (hereinafter referred to as MasterCard) PayPass certification. This solution will ensure that issuers and banking institutions to provide fast, safe payment card and let consumers enjoy the best contactless payment experience -- replace cash and reduce the waiting for the consumer.

For the payment processing time to achieve shorter, NXP introduces the latest dual interface SmartMX P5CD016 product line, the contactless transaction processing time than similar products in the market quickly 35%.

MasterCard worldwide chip group responsible person Toni Merschen said: "the speed of transactions is contactless payment factors critical to the success of the application, to convenient use enhanced cardholders in time and a large number of small when consumption. So we're very happy to see the outstanding performance by NXP and Austria card company to provide the PayPass MasterCard shown."

General manager of NXP semiconductors banking G u nter Schlatte said: "the NXP long-term focus on performance and enhance the safety of our technology to support in all regions of the world, the emerging advanced non-contact application. To obtain PayPass certification MasterCard's outcome is a powerful recognition, namely the leadership of non-contact chip NXP banking products in a wide range of today's. We are proud to introduce the next generation of SmartMX products, with stronger security and it will further speed up the performance of contactless payment, and set a new industry standard."

NXP SmartMX IC product line is committed to meet the application requirements of the leading banks, namely, enhanced security and flexibility, more data and faster transmission rate. Dual interface EMV compatible chip provides EAL5+ level Common Criteria certification to ensure the payment card to achieve the highest security requirements. The new P5CD016 fully compatible with the previous SmartMX product line (P5CD012), the increase in faster CPU and codon optimized FameX processor energy consumption while retaining the existing IC platform. SmartMX chip application allows users to design the existing platform easier up-to-date, and no more big adjustment needed in operating system.

Payment market has been showing on the multi application card demand growth, which can be used as a EMV compatible payment contact or non-contact and other applications, such as public transportation, event ticketing and electronic wallets or customer relationship management. Banking institutions increasingly need different cards for different customers and target groups. P5CD016 product line provides a flexible platform for customized card product - specific functions and special-shaped card.

The new SmartMX is also the first intelligence with Secure Fetch technology card controller, the technique significantly improves the hardware security chip. This unique source security technology to NXP, can prevent the optical analysis and probe attacks (i.e. fault attack), so it can be a software application more convenient for users to develop with high safety.

Technical features of the new SmartMX P5CD016 nxp:

EMV compatible dual interface chip

Intelligent low power processor card with non-contact application, than similar products up to 35% faster execution speed.

The best - computing ability, the speed of CPU double

- SecureFetch against fault attacks (including light attack) technology

16K, 40K and EEPROM version of the 80K

High speed 3DES coprocessor (parallel 64bit)

High speed AES coprocessor (parallel 128bit)

PKI (RSA, ECC) Co processor FameX (4096 bits)

Time to market:

NXP SmartMX P5CD016 has begun to provide engineering sample.

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