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NXP won one of the ten strongest quick reaction companies ten strong of the "business weekly" in 2008

NXP semiconductors (NXP Semiconductors, created by Philips independent semiconductor company) announced today that it has acquired by the "business weekly" issued in 2008 100 Chinese fast company quick reaction company ten strong. This award recognizes NXP taken in the face of industry change and challenging economic environment during the period of a series of timely, effective coping strategies, these strategies to ensure the NXP in its core business scale and leadership, and to become a more powerful the target of the company continue to grow up healthy. In addition, the mass, NXP, Google Intel, ABB, Guangzhou Honda such industry leaders on the list.

"Business week" as China only commercial news weekly, has a wide influence in the Chinese commercial, financial field. This activity selection committee including the financial business investment field of celebrities, famous business management experts, "business week" expert resources and high-end readers, at the same time reference network voting results and the "business weekly" high-end readers' opinions, it aims to pass the annual selection, see the trend of development of different industries. This election industry include hundreds of enterprises in industrial manufacturing, IT, communications, financial services, consumer electronics, FMCG, automotive industry more than ten months.

Business Week editor award evaluation of high Yu on NXP is: "as a quick reaction company, NXP company has the advantages of quick response ability outstanding in the face of changes in the market, with its keen strategic vision in the industry took the lead in the conduct of company business adjustment. By adjusting the effective strategy, NXP not only establishes the opportunities for the healthy development of the company, at the same time for the industry and Chinese enterprises provide rich experience -- that is how to in the period of industry adjustment, especially to maintain the healthy development of enterprises face the challenging economic environment."

En Zhipu semiconductor senior vice president of Greater China regional sales manager and China regional executive Ye Yuliang said: "En Zhipu is deeply honored to receive the" rapid response company business weekly "top ten. This award has a very profound meaning to us, it shows the affirming and cope with the global semiconductor industry take NXP in the past year of recession is timely and effective measures. At the beginning of 2008, before the global economy "winter" season, NXP began to change the past, a full range of semiconductor business model, will be our business focused on family entertainment, automotive electronics, intelligent recognition and multiple market semiconductor four fields. At the same time, through a series of mergers and acquisitions strategy cooperation, enhance the NXP in the areas of concern of the market leadership."

In late 2007, the semiconductor industry transformation also only appeared, but NXP keenly observed in today's situation, the rapid growth and to develop the effective growth strategy to achieve the company. In 2008 July, NXP and meaning law semiconductor integration of both the core wireless business to set up a joint venture company ST-NXP Wireless, which will be the top global industry. Subsequently, NXP and metal tuner module business separation, and form a joint venture with thomson. In August, NXP M & a set-top box business Conexant systems, after the integration of the business will make NXP topped the global digital video system market top three technology provider. In September, made the company organizational structure reorganization. Take a series of effective marketing strategy, and constantly consolidate automotive electronics, semiconductor, intelligent recognition of multiple market and home entertainment products in the fields of market size and position, and to ensure a rapid growth in the market during the change of company.

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