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Mobile phone card is the first to appear in shancheng

[Abstract] from the city traffic card and Chongqing Unicom to jointly create "Chongqing city through pay treasure" card mobile phone today unveiled the mountain city, means that the mobile payment into the city card system.

Go by bus, large crown escalator, the Jialing River cableway, Kaixuan elevator can enjoy 10 percent off preferential, Yangtze River cableway can enjoy 22% off preferential, can Poly International studios, rhyme yuan restaurant chain, Huguang guild hall, Chongqing Zhongbai storage supermarket, Hua Yan scenic area were credit card consumption. Now use your mobile phone can be easily achieved. From city traffic card and Chongqing Unicom to jointly create "Chongqing city through pay treasure" card mobile phone today unveiled the mountain city, means that the mobile payment into the city card system.

Chongqing City Tong Bao pay card mobile phone, data module and the induction module separation, so that the user group of mobile phone only when replacing away so as to realize the communication with the card personal data with card carrying SIM card, this card mobile phone, besides the traditional communication function, but also has the function of credit card consumption, used in all of the installation Chongqing city city card charging machine transport and merchants can be, and enjoy the discount, also can be used in Chongqing city city card opened a new field (such as taxi, cinema, catering industry, tourism etc.) both go out by bus, or by credit card consumption will only induction zone close to the mobile phone card POS machine can be completed payment, credit card spending by consumer receipt query the amount of consumption, also can pay treasure card mobile phone SIM card balances of column in the STK menu in convenient, fast query to Chongqing city city card in the wallet in Chongqing city pass. The city of Chongqing set a variety of card in a mobile phone through pay treasure in the production of a variety of card to reduce resource consumption, save social cost at the same time, consumers also advocate green travel (go out by bus), make the mountain people really appreciate the "green travel, convenient life, so as to realize" Yu Cheng Tong Fu, China Unicom life".

It is reported, Chongqing city card and Chongqing Unicom will also promote technology, make the Chongqing City Tong Bao to pay future will achieve air download, mobile phone recharge the air, that is not to the scene to recharge point can recharge; and Chongqing city card integration of multiple cards in the government call, Chongqing City, means that the application will be more extensive field pay treasure mobile phone can be used to pay the credit card; in addition, also can be used to "tag" type of application in the future, including commodity anti-counterfeit identification, commodity information inquiry and so on; with the coming of 3G era, Chongqing city through pay treasure will bring more mobile phone application platform, provides a support platform for high speed wireless channel, the use of mobile phone penetration to the mobile electronic commerce application 3G the and so on.

As early as in 2005 December Beijing Woqi data on the introduction of SIMpass technology, China Unicom at the beginning of 2006 pre testing began, and specify the Chongqing Unicom as the pilot base, at the beginning of 2007 city traffic card company combined with Chongqing Unicom, and by the Woqi data pre testing, by the end of 2008 Chongqing Guohong adopts SIMpass technology R & D and production of the domestic first multi system, machine card separation of the card of mobile phone.

In December 23rd held the "2008 China Chongqing city card mobile phone industry summit", the first card portends global mobile phone will be officially unveiled in the mountain city of Chongqing, from all over the domestic city pass card operators, telecommunication operators, handset manufacturers, card manufacturers, service providers and the government functional departments and related fields of technology experts, will discuss the city card payment development the mobile phone industry

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