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NFC mobile phone payment to look forward to tomorrow

Modern people in the wallet is not only cash, more is a variety of cards -- credit cards, debit cards, membership cards, transportation cards, health cards, and so on. Each card has its own card issuers, your logo, your own brand. In the future, these cards will be integrated on a uniform card, and with the mobile phone binding. Credit card era will be gone, and "brush mobile phone" era is coming

On the current domestic situation, our distance NFC mobile life really far away; and no NFC, no payment of life 2

Article 2: to pay the life experience

Bill and NFC mobile phone day

* "brush mobile phone" pay per ride bus (if a private car, through the mobile phone pay parking fees), pay 2 life begins.

* see a free tonight concert posters, through the NFC mobile phone in the poster specific labels point scanning, immediately in the mobile phone to see more detailed information. Then, the mobile phone has carried on the simple click then booked a seat, and soon received the electronic ticket and stored in mobile phone. Then, send text messages to invite his wife went to the concert and dinner.

Arrived in the office door, the door through the mobile phone card.

* lunch time, Bill paid meals through the mobile phone store credit card.

* after lunch, Bill to partner at the meeting, the participants through as long as the two phones make up a block will be able to exchange business cards.

* 6 in the afternoon, Bill and his wife together go to the concert, through the NFC mobile phone at the entrance card to enter.

* after the concert, they go to the mall shopping, eating, consumption is also carried out by NFC mobile phone.

* go home at night, Bill realized that the phone, then immediately telephoned the mobile operators and requires shielding all NFC service function. If he can put the phone to find words, will be able to re activate these functions.

1+1 > 2

NFC mobile payment function is contactless payment card and mobile phone function fusion function. From the above case we can see that the non contact NFC phone play a role than a pure card to:

Mobile phone and card bundled made "1+1>2" effect. For example, when buying a ticket, no need to store the ticketing center, also do not have tickets, simplify the process, improve the efficiency of.

Of course, in addition to paying function, NFC mobile phone also has other functions. For example, while waiting for the bus, docking with kiosks, can understand the latest car information and weather forecast or map; in addition, he can through the login mobile Internet to obtain instant traffic information or news.

In this scenario we can see, Bill's mobile payment life has three key words: NFC payment, remote payment, interaction. Among them, NFC payment is the core and the remote payment is added, and the interaction is through which soul.

The non-contact card function and mobile phone functions are tied after the birth of NFC mobile phone. NFC has many unique advantages in expanding NFC service opportunities:

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