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NXP released the MIFARE4Mobile application programming interface, application acceleration MIFARE in mobile phone NFC

NXP semiconductors  has announced that it will launch the MIFARE4Mobile application programming interface specification (Application Programming Interfaces next month, hereinafter referred to as APIs), Mifare based applications can be used on NFC mobile phone. The upcoming release of the specification can be compatible with the programming interface for mobile phone network operators and service providers to provide in the future NFC mobile phone in convenient,, is convenient to use MIFARE technology on mobile phone.

MIFARE4Mobile APIs can be based on the application of MIFARE management of NFC mobile phone, mobile phone user can use the interface to realize air download and install. Security chip NXP support global accord with universal platform (GP) of the JavaCard specification, can all MIFARE applications is very safe and convenient management in mobile phone.

MIFARE4Mobile APIs standards to ensure that the remote management of MIFARE application installed on the embedded security chip and SIM card in the. Since MIFARE is a non - contact industry leading technology, widely used in the global bus network, ticketing and access management. Application of MIFARE NFC mobile phone will become the bus ticket or pass can be based on access control, ticketing and certification services from one device, the expansion of the ticket sales and distribution channels. These applications allow consumers to buy or recharge whenever and wherever possible, waiting in line to avoid the ticket window, the user can use the related information query in mobile phone card at any time.

NXP semiconductors NFC vice president and general manager Heikki Huomo said: "we believe in NFC industrial chain for each partner provides interoperability and scalability is to ensure the widespread deployment of NFC in critical step. As a non-contact chip leader and NFC developers, we are committed to promoting the growth of contactless mobile service. We have already seen that mobile operators and service providers to strong demand for service, use the MIFARE4Mobile APIs will accelerate the pace of development and to ensure that in a large number of MIFARE infrastructure seamlessly with NFC equipment."

NXP is to achieve the main partner in the MIFARE4Mobile specification, meet and perfect and the principles of the NFC negotiations. MIFARE4Mobile APIs the use of technology licensing will be provided free of charge to use the NXP sold or licensed MIFARE safety components (UICC or embedded). The original version of APIs will support MIFARE Classic and will gradually support includes MIFARE Plus and MIFARE DESFire in order to ensure the overall compatibility with existing and new contactless infrastructure.

MIFARE4Mobile APIs is divided into three categories:

* Purse / user interface APIs

- to ensure a consistent user experience

- provides complete interoperability with other format card

By a convenient and flexible way by mobile phone screen display card content

* air download / trust service management APIs

- allows air download service provider access to any safety components in a coherent way of MIFARE resources

- ensure that the life cycle management of MIFARE application in a unified method

* safety platform based APIs

- provides a general method to access the MIFARE product line of hardware resources.

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