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MFRC522 is a highly integrated reading/writing IC, which can realize the contactless communication when the 13.56 MHz. MFRC522 card reader support ISO/IEC 14443 A/MIFARE mode.

MFRC522 internal emitter no additional active circuit which can drive designed for and ISO/IEC 14443 A/MIFARE card and launch transponder communications and read/write antenna design. The receiver module provides a powerful and efficient demodulation and decoding circuit, can be used in the ISO/IEC 14443 a transponder signal/compatible MIFARE card and launch. Digital module management complete ISO/IEC 14443 A into the frame and error detection (parity and CRC) function.

MFRC522 support MF1xxS20, MF1xxS70 and MF1xxS50 products. MFRC522 support using the fastest 848 kBd MIFARE higher transmission speed two-way contactless communication.

Provide the following host interface:

Serial peripheral interface (SPI)

RS232 serial UART (similar, voltage supply voltage level depends on the stitching)

I squared C bus interface

The difference between version 1.0 and 2.0

MFRC522 provide two versions:

MFRC52201HN1, hereinafter referred to as version 1.0

MFRC52202HN1, hereinafter referred to as version 2.0

MFRC522 version 2.0 is fully compatible with version 1.0, and improve and provide in addition to the following function:

Card reader IC has higher stability in harsh conditions

Additional timer preassigned frequency

RX Multiple is set to 1 after correcting of CRC

Characteristics and advantages

A highly integrated analog demodulation and decoding the response

Output buffer drives, can use at least external components to connect antenna

Support ISO/IEC 14443 A/MIFARE standard

Read/write mode of typical working distance up to 50 mm, depending on the antenna size and tuning

Read/write mode support MF1xxS20, MF1xxS70 and MF1xxS50 encryption

Support ISO/IEC 14443 A higher communication transmission rate (maximum 848 kBd)


Additional internal power through the MFIN/MFOUT connected to the smart card IC

In support of the host interface

The fastest 10 MBPS of SPI

Fast mode maximum 400 kBd, high-speed mode maximum 3400 kBd I squared C bus interface

The highest 1228.8 kBd RS232 serial UART, the voltage level depends on the stitch or voltage source

FIFO buffers can handle 64 bytes sent and received

Flexible interrupt mode

Hard reset by low power function

The software shut off mode

Programmable timer

Used to connect to the interior of the 27.12 MHz quartz crystal oscillator

2.5 V to 3.3 V power supply

CRC coprocessor

Programmable I/O pins

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