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CLRC663 is a highly integrated transceiver IC, which can realize the contactless communication when the 13.56 MHz.

CLRC663 transceiver IC supports the following operating modes:

Support the ISO/IEC 14443 a/read/write mode, MIFARE

Support ISO/IEC 14443 b read/write mode

Support JIS X 6319-4 (comparable to get its FeliCa scheme) of the read/write mode

In accordance with ISO/IEC 18092 passive mode

In support of the ISO/IEC 15693 read/write mode

Support ICODE EPC UID/EPC OTP read/write mode

Support ISO/IEC 18000-3 / EPC mode 3 Class 1 HF read/write mode

CLRC663 internal emitter no additional active circuit which can drive designed for and ISO/IEC 14443 a/MIFARE card and launch transponder communications and read/write antenna design. Digital module management complete ISO/IEC 14443 a into the frame and the error detection function (parity and CRC).

CLRC663 support MIFARE Classic 1 k, 4 k MIFARE Classic, MIFARE Ultralight, MIFARE Ultralight C, MIFARE PLUS and MIFARE DESFire products. Two-way MIFARE CLRC663 support up to 848 kbit/s high transmission speed.

CLRC663 support ISO/IEC 14443 b read/write communication scheme of layer 2 and 3, except for conflict prevention. For in the host controller firmware conflict prevention and implement in the upper.

CLRC663 to get its FeliCa coding signal demodulation and decoding. Get its FeliCa receiver components for demodulation and decoding get its FeliCa coded signal circuit. CLRC663 can handle get its FeliCa into frames and the CRC error detection, etc. Two-way get its FeliCa CLRC663 support up to 424 kbit/s high transmission speed.

CLRC663 support in accordance with ISO/IEC 18092 standard passive starter P2P mode.

CLRC663 support in accordance with ISO/IEC15693, EPC UID and ISO/IEC 18000-3 / EPC mode 3 Class 1 HF standard close agreement.

Supports the following host interface:

Serial peripheral interface (SPI)

RS232 serial UART (similar, voltage supply voltage level depends on the stitching)

I squared C bus interface (has two versions: the I2C and I2CL)

CLRC663 support secure access module (SAM) connection. Dedicated SAM to realize independent I2C interface connection. SAM can be used for high security keys stored and used as a very high performance encryption coprocessor. Dedicated SAM can be used for connection to the CLRC663.

Characteristics and advantages

Front end IC high rf output power, which can achieve 848 kbit/s transmission rate

Support the ISO/IEC 14443 / MIFARE, ISO/IEC 14443 B and get its FeliCa standards

ISO/IEC 18092 standard passive starter P2P mode

Support ISO/IEC15693, ICODE EPC UID and ISO/IEC 18000-3 / EPC mode 3 Class 1 HF

Read/write mode support MIFARE Classic encryption

Low power consumption card detection

Can be realized in accordance with "EMV non-contact protocol specification V2.0.1" RF level

Using minimum external components antenna connection

In support of the host interface:

The fastest 10 MBPS of SPI

I squared C bus interface, rapid mode of up to 400 kBd, maximum 1000 kBd ultra fast mode

The highest 1228.8 kBd RS232 serial UART, the voltage level depends on the stitch or voltage source

Can realize the connection between security access module (SAM) independent I squared C bus interface

The 512 - byte FIFO buffer, which can realize the highest processing performance

Flexible and efficient power-saving mode, including hard shut off, standby and low power test

From 27.12 MHz radio frequency of quartz crystal get CPU clock system integrated PLL cost savings

3 V to 5.5 V power supply

As many as eight free programming input/output pins

Read/write mode and ISO/IEC 14443 a/MIFARE card communication typical working distance of 12 cm long, depending on the antenna size and tuning

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