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Detailed information

The FM17XX series is the Fudan Microelectronics design of Limited by Share Ltd, a non-contact card reader chip ISO14443 based on the standard series, using 0.6 m CMOS EEPROM process, can support typeA, typeB, 15693 respectively three non contact communication protocol of 13.56MHz frequency, encryption algorithm supports M1 and SH standard. NXP compatible RC500, RC530, RC531 and RC632 reader chip.

The chip inside the highly integrated analog modulation and demodulation circuit, only a minimal amount of peripheral circuit can work, in support of the 6 microprocessor interface, digital circuit with TTL, CMOS two kinds of voltage mode. Applicable to all kinds of billing system of card reader. Especially FM17XXL series chip, the minimum operating voltage third road power supply can achieve 2.9V, this one is better than the other, similar products.

Function characteristics

High degree of integration of analog circuit, peripheral circuit needs only a minimal amount of

Operating range of up to 10cm

Support ISO14443 typeA/typeB protocol

Support ISO15693 protocol

The interior with encryption unit and preserve key EEPROM

Support for flexible encryption protocol

Support six kinds of interface mode


Digital circuit with TTL/CMOS two voltage mode

Software control of the power down model

A programmable timer

An interrupt handler

A serial input and output port

- start configuration programmable

Digital, simulation and emission module has independent power supply

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