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Global near-field communication (NFC) technology leader - grace wisdom pu semiconductor has launched the world's first truly achieve PN544 NFC controller of industry standard.

PN544 based on European telecommunications standards institute (ETSI) the latest NFC rules, formulated for all operators in the mobile ecosystem - mobile phone maker, mobile operators, Banks, retailers and service providers - provides easier to use, fully compatible with the platform, so that companies introduce advanced mobile services.

After integrated PN544 in mobile phone, the consumer will be able to take the mobile payment, buy tickets and tickets for large-scale activities, even directly from the SIM (subscriber identity module) card for data sharing, thus greatly improving the user's traveling experience.

New IC completely support the GSM association "mobile payment" program, and to provide backward compatibility, can be used with existing to exchange payment and ticketing of non-contact infrastructure.

PN544 features

Small size, convenient for size optimization

Low power optimization

Battery mode and low power shut down

Host baseband support MIFARE 1 k / 4 k to read and write functions

Optional modular, general motors, and has nothing to do with the platform of the software stack

To optimize the design of the antenna, offer similar best RF performance

Grace of pu will provide a qualified guarantee design support to shorten the integration time

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