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PN512 is a highly integrated transceiver IC, used for contactless communication 13.56 MHz. The transceiver IC USES excellent modulation and demodulation concept, fully integrate all kinds of 13.56 MHz contactless communication methods and protocols.

Provide different versions

PN512 provides three versions:

PN5120A0HN1 / C2 (HVQFN32) and PN5120A0HN/C2 (HVQFN40), hereinafter referred to as version 2.0

PN512AA0HN1 / C2 (HVQFN32) and PN512AA0HN1 / C2BI HVQFN32 (fire), hereinafter referred to as the industrial version, conform to the automotive electronics council of AEC - Q100 level 3 cars certification standard, the standard defines is used for automobile integrated circuit (IC) of critical stress test certification.

PN5120A0HN1 / C1 (HVQFN32) and PN5120A0HN/C1 (HVQFN40), hereinafter referred to as version 1.0

Introduction to the

PN512 transceiver IC support four different working mode:

Support the ISO/IEC 14443 a/MIFARE and get its FeliCa scheme of read/write mode

Support ISO/IEC 14443 b read/write mode

Support ISO/IEC 14443 a/MIFARE and get its FeliCa card working mode

NFCIP - 1 model

PN512 internal send instruments have ISO/IEC 14443 a/MIFARE read/write mode, antenna and transponder can drive, speaking, reading and writing, and without the need for additional active circuit; The read/write antenna design is used for ISO/IEC 14443 a/MIFARE card of communication. Receiver demodulation and decoding part can be stable and efficiently from the ISO/IEC 14443 type a/compatible MIFARE card and transponder signal. Digital part processing complete ISO/IEC 14443 a into frames and error detection (parity and CRC).

PN512 support MIFARE 1 k and MIFARE 4 k simulation products. PN512 support MIFARE higher transmission rate (up to 424 KB/s) two-way contactless communication.

PN512 transceiver IC has get its FeliCa, speaking, reading and writing mode, support to get its FeliCa communication solution. Receiver scheme, provide a stable and efficient demodulation and decoding circuit compatible get its FeliCa coded signal. Digital part processing get its FeliCa into frames and the error detection, such as the CRC. PN512 support get its FeliCa higher transmission rate (up to 424 KB/s) two-way contactless communication.

PN512 support ISO/IEC 14443 b read and write all the levels of communication, the premise is an additional element (such as generator, power supply, coil, etc.) has the correct deployment, assuming the standard protocol (such as ISO/IEC 14443-4 and/or ISO/IEC 14443 b tamper-proof) has been properly deployed.

In the card working mode, PN512 transceiver IC according to get its FeliCa or ISO/IEC 14443 a/MIFARE card interface scheme in response to read or write command. PN512 produce digital load modulation signal, used with external circuit back to the response signal, speaking, reading and writing. Only through S squared C interface used with security IC, can provide complete security card function.

In addition, the PN512 transceiver IC and mode of NFCIP NFCIP - 1-1 devices communicate directly. NFCIP - 1 model offers all kinds of communication mode and up to 424 KB/s transmission rate, conform to the Ecma NFCIP 340 and ISO/IEC 18092-1 standard. Digital part processing complete NFCIP - 1 into frames and error detection.

Integration of a variety of host controller interface:

8-bit parallel interface

SPI interface

Serial UART (similar to the RS232, voltage level depends on the welding plate supply voltage)

I squared C interface.

The boon wisdom pu IC buyers must have the appropriate third party patent license.

Characteristics and advantages

Highly integrated analog circuit, used for demodulating and decoding the response

Output buffer drives with minimal external components to connect antenna number

Integrated RF level detector

Integrated data pattern detector

Support the ISO/IEC 14443 A/MIFARE

Support the ISO/IEC 14443 B read/write mode

Read/write mode of typical working distance up to 50 mm, depending on the antenna size and tuning

In NFCIP - 1 mode, typical working distance up to 50 mm, depending on the antenna size, tuning, and the power supply

Under the working pattern, ISO/IEC 14443 a/MIFARE card or to get its FeliCa card of typical working distance is about 100 mm, depending on the antenna size, tuning, and the external field

Read/write mode support MIFARE 1 k and MIFARE 4 k simulation encryption

Support ISO/IEC 14443 a higher communication transmission rate (212 KB/s and the 424 KB/s)

Contactless communication conforms to get its FeliCa scheme (212 KB/s and the 424 KB/s)

For up to 424 KB/s NFCIP - 1 integrated RF interface

S squared C interface

Additional power supply can be connected via S squared C smart card IC power supply directly

Support the host interface:

SPI is as high as 10 Mb/s

I squared C bus interface (maximum 400 kBd fast mode, high speed mode maximum 3400 kBd)

RS232 serial UART is as high as 1228.8 kBd, voltage level depends on the power supply voltage stitches

Integrated/non integrated address latch enable 8-bit parallel interface

FIFO buffers, handling 64 bytes sent and received

Flexible interrupt mode

Hard reset function of low power consumption

Through the software provides shut off mode

Programmable timer

Internal oscillator, can connect 27.12 MHz quartz crystal

Power supply voltage: 2.5 V to 3.6 V

CRC coprocessor

Programmable I/O pins

Internal self-test

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