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Consistent with the NTAG IC NFC Forum is very suitable for large-scale deployment of NFC applications and electronic close pairing marketing.

ISO14443A technology based on NTAG with integrated convenience, high RF sensitivity and anti cloning characteristics, can provide advantages for the entire chain value directly to the final consumer.

With the NTAG series, NXP is further expanded its NFC portfolio, which includes the NFC radio IC, non-contact reader, the embedded security element, non contact and double interface smart card (MIFARE and SmartMX) and authentication solutions.

The main characteristics and advantages:

Comply with ISO / IEC 14443A 2-3 standard

Comply with NFC Forum

The performance of RF class

The global verification and reliable technology and global support for third party equipment

Each IC has a unique identifier

48 bytes to 32 kilobytes of programmable user memory, data preservation period up to 10 years

Cloning of protection

Optional read-only lock function, encryption and authentication

Pin selectable field detection

The main application:

Intelligent advertisement

Connection switching

Simple paired bluetooth

Wi-Fi protection setting

Call request

The SMS request

Product certification

Membership card (gift coupons, coupon)

Stationery (vCard)

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