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Brief description

The anti-body interference tag is a high-performance personnel tag specially designed for personnel management. It has the characteristics of good reading distance, high sensitivity and excellent physical properties. Easy to wear, put in a pocket, put in a backpack, etc. It can be easily used in campus, hospital, venue, exhibition and other environments for personnel management and statistical personnel.


Main advantages

1. Dual-frequency chip design, multi-application management.

2. Portable and easy to use.

3. Waterproof and dustproof performance

4. High sensitivity, stable reading and writing, and long operating distance.


Technical parameters 

Dimensions:100*62mm, thickness 3mm

Color:Regular black, colors can be customized



Installation:Sling installation: It is covered with slings, which can be purchased on behalf of customers

Card sleeve installation: use the card sleeve to cover the sling, which can be purchased on behalf of the customer

Chip:IMPINJ M4QT & F08

Frequency:860MHZ~960MHZ& 13.56MHZ

Protocol:ISO/IEC 18000-6CEPC Class1 Gen2& ISO/IEC 14443-3A

Chip capacity:UHF:

EPC district:128bits

USER district:512bits

TID district:48bits:HF:

EEPROM:1K bytes

Data retention:100000 times

RF parameters:Reading distance: 3.5 meters (attached to the surface of the human body, ordinary 8DB integrated reader)

(The effect is related to the actual application environment and testing equipment)

Operation temperature:-10℃~70℃

Storage temperature:-20℃~85℃

Dustproof and waterproof grade:IP54

Application:personnel management, consumption management, access control management, etc.

Personalized customization:Pre-write code, laser code, LOGO printing, color customization, etc

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