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Brief description

The long-distance thick card is a special ID card that appears to meet the long-distance reading
of the internal serial number of the ID card. It usually refers to an ID card with a sensing distance of 0.5-0.8 meters. It is easy to operate, fast, reliable, and has a long life. It can be easily applied to RFID fields such as patrol system, attendance system, access control system, enterprise card system, etc.


Main advantages

1.LF chip optional

The inside of the label can encapsulate the magnet

3. Passive chip, obtain power through the card coil within the field strength range of the read head antenna

4. Easy to operate, fast, reliable and long life

Technical parameters


Color:Regular white (color customizable)



Installation:Adhesive installation: 3M imported thin glue or thick glue, customized according to customer needs

Hanging installation: special hanging rope is adopted

Magnet installation: the embedded magnet adsorbs the metal surface



Protocol:ISO 18000-2

Chip capacity:64bits(The storage format is read-only)

Data retention:10 years

RF parameters:Reading distance: 0.5-0.8 meters (air medium, long-distance special card reader)    

(The effect is related to the actual application environment and testing equipment)

Operation temperature:-10℃~50℃

Storage temperature:-40℃~85℃

Application:Automated parking lot management system, personal identification, access control, production control, etc.

Personalized customization:Pre-write code, laser code, LOGO printing, color customization, etc

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