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Brief description

Electronic ear tag is an electronic device specially used for animal identification and electronic management. It is an electronic ID card of animals that can be automatically identified. People can easily identify each individual animal through various types of special readers. In this way, many animal scientific research, breeding, management, investigation and other work, such as individual screening, data statistics, whereabouts control, automatic feeding, behavior management and so on, have the technical means to realize automation and informatization, and the ability to track and manage animals will be greatly improved. The electronic ear tag can record the ear number of each animal together with its variety, source, production performance, immune status, health status, animal owner and other information. In case of epidemic situation, animal product quality and other problems, it can track (trace) its source, distinguish the responsibility and plug the leak.

Tp3013 through-hole electronic ear tag is specially customized for livestock breeding, and the product is improved through continuous improvement of production process and mold. Layered framework assembly structure, the final overall one-time molding and injection molding process, to ensure that the product is suitable for use in different environments.

Key advantages

1. Passive active chip

2. Surface laser etching number marking

3. Low loss rate during construction

4. Capable of blistering at 70 ℃ for 20 minutes

5. TPU material to prevent long-term allergic reaction of animals

6. It can withstand the instantaneous high temperature of common domestic slaughtering corona equipment

7. When matched with the matching earrings, the shedding rate is low and the application is convenient

8. Strict disinfection shall be conducted before leaving the factory

Technical parameters

Dimensions: Φ thirty × 13.2mm

Color: inline skeleton: Black

Surface shell: yellow, red, pink

Material: embedded skeleton nylon (modified nylon)

Surface housing TPU (polyurethane)

Weight: About 7g

Installation method: marking installation: clamp the male and female ear marks on the pig ear with ear mark pliers

Chip model: Alien H4

Carrier frequency: 902-928mhz

Read write protocol: ISO 18000-6c, EPC global c1gen2

Chip capacity: EPC area: 128bits

User area: 128bits

TID area: 64bits

Data storage and erasure: 10 years or 100000 times

RF parameters: reading distance: 6~7m (the test equipment is 4W EIRP reader)

Reading distance: 0.5m (the test equipment is R2000 module handset with 30dBm power)

The specific test effect is related to the actual application environment and test equipment

Operating temperature: -20 ℃ ~+65 ℃ (no ice)

Storage temperature: -30 ℃ ~+75 ℃ (no ice)

Temperature resistance: +100 ℃ (hot water) 20 cycles in 1 hour

Dust proof and waterproof grade: IP67

Application field: animal (pig) identification and electronic management

Personalized Customization: pre coding, laser coding, printing logo, color customization, etc

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