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Brief description

Metal resistant label is a label specially designed for metal and other complex environments. It has the characteristics of long reading distance, high sensitivity and convenient installation. It is especially suitable for various metal environments. It can be conveniently applied to metal asset and equipment management, gun management, medical device management, material flow and other occasions.

Key advantages

1. 100% of the product has been tested by the European imported label consistency test system to ensure the stability during use

2. the product material has passed the environmental protection certification

3. the product has been widely used and verified by well-known customers at home and abroad

4. the label is strong and impact resistant, with good weather resistance and long reading distance

Technical parameters

Size: 80 × eight × 3.5mm, hole diameter 3mm

Color: regular black, other colors can be customized

Material: FR4

Weight: 5g

Installation method: rivet installation: label installation aperture 3mm, can be purchased on behalf of customers

Screw installation: the hole diameter for label installation is 3mm, and m3.0 screws can be used

Back glue installation: 3M imported thin glue or thick glue, customized according to customer requirements

Liquid adhesive installation: Industrial AB adhesive

Chip model: Alien H3

Carrier frequency: 902-928mhz; 866-868mhz

Read write protocol: ISO 18000-6c, EPC global c1gen2

Chip capacity: EPC area: 96bits (expandable to 480bits)

User area: 512bits

TID area: 64bits

Data storage and erasure: 10 years or 100000 times

RF parameters: reading distance: 6.5m (attached to the metal surface, the test equipment is 4W EIRP reader)

Reading distance: 3M (the test equipment is R2000 module handset with 30dBm power)

The specific test effect is related to the actual application environment and test equipment

Operating temperature: -20 ℃ ~100 ℃

Storage temperature: -40 ℃ ~140 ℃

Dust proof and waterproof grade: IP68

Application field: micro and small equipment management such as tool management, small equipment and asset management

Personalized Customization: pre coding, laser coding, printing logo, color customization, etc

Conformance test: 100% passed voyantic test (as shown in the figure below)

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