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Brief description

This product is an ultra-high frequency electronic tag that can be used for washing. It is encapsulated by silica gel. In addition to excellent waterproof performance, it also has high temperature resistance, non-toxicity, corrosion resistance, good insulation performance, wear resistance, etc.


Main advantages

1. Withstand more than 100 industrial washes

2. Long-distance multi-tag identification

3. The highest ironing resistance is 180℃

4. Material and design have been tested for reliability


Technical parameter 

Dimensions:55*12mm,thickness:2.7mm(Size can be customized according to actual needs)

Color:Regular white

Material:silica gel



Installation:Sewing, bagging heat pressing, pasting

Chip:Alien H3


Protocol:ISO 18000-6C,EPC global C1Gen2

 Chip capacity:EPC district:96bits(Can be extended to480bits)

USER district:512bits

TID district:64bits

Data retention:10years or 100000 times

RF parameters:Reading distance:4m(Stick to a metal surface,4W EIRP reader)                      

Reading distance:2m(R2000 POS,30dbm)

(The effect is related to the actual application environment and testing equipment)

Operation temperature:-20℃~200℃

Storage temperature:-40℃~55℃

Ironing temperature:85℃@60mins,120℃@10mins,150℃@4mins,180℃@10s(When pressurized at 4bar)

withstand maximum pressure:60bar

Application:Widely used in laundries, industrial washing, uniform management, medical clothing management, personnel inspection management, military quilt management

Personalized customization:Pre-write code, LOGO printing, color customization, etc

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