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Brief description

This tag is mainly used for the contactless identification and rapid authentication of the bundled goods, so as to facilitate the management of the data and information of the goods, so as to prepare for the tracking of logistics.


Main advantages

1.Waterproof, anti-collision, anti-corrosion, durable, etc.

2.The metal shrapnel is installed in the lock part, and the tie strip cannot be withdrawn after inserting it, and the lock effect is excellent.

3. The chip is in the outer position of the label bundling, which is not affected by the material of the bundled object, and can be read stably


 Technical parameters 

Dimensions:44*32*3mm, length83.31mm

Color:Regular blue cover on yellow background, Color optional



Installation:Binding installation: tag are bound to item

Chip:Monza 4QT(chip optional)

Frequency:860MHz~960MHz(chip optional)

Protocol:ISO 18000-6C,EPC global C1Gen2

Chip capacity:EPC district:128bits

USER district:512bits

TID district:96bits

Data retention:10years or 100000 times

R/W range:Reading distance:1-1.5m(Stick to a metal surface,4W EIRP reader) 

Reading distance:0.4-0.5m(R2000 POS,30dbm)                    

(The effect is related to the actual application environment and testing equipment) 

Operation temperature:-10℃~65℃

Storage temperature:-20℃~80℃

Application:mainly used for the storage of small items in some item cabinets and product boxes to prevent the loss of items and facilitate data inventory.

Personalized customization:Pre-write code, laser code, LOGO printing, color customization, etc

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